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My name is Jeff Mitchell. I have lived in Utah all my life. In this time, I have rode horses and four-wheelers, hunted, fished, and camped in the surrounding mountains as much as I could. I think this makes me the right person to show you a great animal on your hunt. All our guides have spent ample time in the Wasatch, Manti and Nebo units. These units hold some of the biggest animals in the state. We also have several years of experience in many other units across the state.

So let us provide you that hunt of a lifetime,

Jeff Mitchell and Team

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I want to start out by saying THANK YOU! You did all that you said you could to put me on a 350+ class bull on my first elk hunt. I never expected that to happen in the first 45 minutes of opening morning. Then to top it off the bull scored in the 370's which is awesome. I want to commend you and your staff at the Lazy Bar-T Outfitters. You run a top notch outfit, very friendly and very professional. I truly enjoyed hunting Utah and I am looking forward to my next hunt with you at Lazy Bar-T.

Thanks You
Mike Loveland


After 14 years of applying, I finally drew a 2013 bull elk tag in the Wasatch unit. At 66 years of age, I knew this would be my only opportunity for limited entry elk in Utah and wanted to make sure I had the best of guides. Throughout the more recent years of the application process, I talked with Jeff and gained the perception that he was a hands-on outfitter/guide who was interested in being a part of the hunt, not just a businessman out to make a few extra dollars. This perception was absolutely on target.

Jeff and his staff were true professionals displaying in-depth knowledge of both the unit we hunted and elk hunting in general. They went out of their way to make sure I was having a great hunting experience. Jeff is concerned that you find the elk that you are looking for, not just the first one that comes along. On more than one occasion when we found what I thought was a pretty good bull, Jeff would say “It’s your call, but that’s not what you came out here for”. Many outfitters want you to take that first opportunity and end the hunt, but not Jeff. After passing on many bulls and pushing the hunting days to the limit, we finally caught up with a 365 bull and Jeff said “that’s the one”.

My hunting experience with Lazy Bar T Outfitters provided me with wonderful memories that I will cherish for life, beautiful country, great people, no hidden costs and lots of elk. I only wish that I could draw a tag every year.

Wayne Adams Virginia 2013


I just returned from a hunting trip with Lazy T Bar Outfitters and I must say this was the most enjoyable trip I have ever been on. They are very professional, but fun. They let my grandchildren participate with us and were not only kind and patience but willing to include them into everything. They were very family oriented. Jeff knew Elk, where they were and where they were going and knew the area. Even though it was really hot this year, Jeff found us large Elk everyday. He took my limitations into consideration and planned my hunt accordingly. I would recommend Jeff Mitchell to guide anyone on any hunt and if I am fortune enough to go again, I would choose him to guide me. When my sons draw out, they have already asked Jeff to guide them. We had so much fun. I'll always remember this trip.

Early Wasatch Elk Hunt

Ray Dewsnup


Jeff, I just wanted to say thanks for all that you and your family did for me to make my 2008 Wasatch Muzzleloader Elk hunt a success. I had always dreamed of shooting a Boone and Crockett Elk but never thought that my dream would come true. Due to your off season scouting, knowledge of the area, and determination this made my dream a reality. Having the opportunity to pass on ten lesser bulls, and to listen to all the bugles was magical. Not often do you find an outfitter that you can easily without hesitation recommend to family and friends, but sir, I do not have any hesitation recommending you to anyone. Thanks again, for all your great hospitality, for showing me a wonderful time in beautiful country, and helping me harvest my bull of a lifetime.


Troy Allen, 2008 Wasatch Muzzleloader Elk


What a great experience is the only way to start this letter. Thanks to Jeff and his team, I had a hunt of a lifetime.

Jeff, your willingness to go the extra mile plus your personal attention to all aspects of my hunt is greatly appreciated. I am sure, I could not have found another guide that continued to work so hard and be so patient as I passed up bull after bull looking for the right one. As we both know you found that bull for me on the sixth day of our hunt and that’s another whole story. On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the best, your outfit is 10.

Thanks for the great hunt and let’s do this again soon.


Bruce Caison-Wasatch Muzzleloader Elk


I recently booked a hunt with Lazy Bar T Outfitters. It was an experience of a lifetime. I have hunted with many outfitters over the years and to say that Lazy Bar T Outfitters are professional is an understatement. They work extremely hard every day, not just to harvest an animal, but they truly want you to harvest a record book animal.

They know the areas you hunt like the back of your hand. They spend an extensive amount of time scouting to fully understand the movements of the animals. They are sensitive to any limitations you might have. They are kind and courteous to their clients, very patient and understanding.

I would completely recommend them as one of the best, if not the best outfitting operation of the west.

Jerry Russel-Manti Any Weapon Elk



I hunted with Lazy Bar T Outfitters on the early rifle hunt in 2006. We were hunting the central mountains Manti.

Jeff’s Dilemma:
He faced the worst weather in memory for the early hunt, unusual elk behavior, they just weren’t bugling, probably because of the weather. Worst of all, he had an out of shape Flat-Lander who had a bum shoulder who was still recovering from a very bad case of the flu/cold. (I missed 3 day’s of work and was unable to exercise for the final 3 weeks prior to the hunt because of lung congestion. I was doing drugs for lung congestion and a sinus infection for the duration of the hunt.)

With al those negatives, I had an absolutely great hunt, in the most part, because Jeff’s sense of humor, his skills as a guide and his knowing how to hunt within the limitations of his hunter. I was able to see some great country, observe lots of elk and meet some great people. (Jeff’s extended family help’s out to make things run smoothly by taking care of the horses, doing the cooking, scouting alternate areas, etc…) What else could you ask for?

When the elk bugled (rarely), Jeff was able to work them in using his call, he had four bulls within easy bow range (one was a really nice bull who was all busted up plus 3 other smaller bulls.) and an additional four smaller bulls who were called within 100 yards. When the elk weren’t bugling, Jeff’s preseason scouting had us glassing elk everyday, sizing them up and moving on them if appropriate. When the weather was fit we used horses, when it wasn’t, we chained up the pick-up or used 4 wheelers to move to areas where Jeff had previously scouted bulls and we walked in from there.

I would recommend hunting with Jeff to anyone who wants to hunt with the knowledgeable hunting professional, who has high ethical standards and is an all around great guy to spend the week with in the woods.

Paul J Heimbuch-Manti Any Weapon Elk

Cary, Illinois


I was lucky enough to draw a 2005 Utah Elk permit for the new late season. I soon realized I was in possession of a highly coveted tag when the bombardment of fliers and pamphlets from many Utah outfitters began. One afternoon, Jeff Mitchell called and talked to me for over an hour. At first, I was hesitant about hiring a guide because I had both lived and hunted in Utah before. However, with many time restraints and after much contemplation and consideration about all the variables (weather, terrain, regulations, etc.), I hired Jeff. In retrospect, words cannot express the appreciation and admiration I have for Lazy Bar T Outfitters.

First off, Jeff Mitchell is honest, hard-working, and very skilled in this line of work. During this entire week, I felt safe and comfortable. Jeff either possesses or has access to all the amenities of a very comfortable camp. I must include that the food was great.

Jeff and his team (Steve Loveless and Jeff’s son, Dallin) go beyond the extra mile to be successful. Their knowledge of the country and ability to locate animals is unsurpassed. I labeled this bunch as “elk-spotting junkies.” To this day, the numbers and location of elk spotted astonishes me. We hunted hard and had a lot of fun.

In summary, I would not hesitate to recommend Lazy Bar T Outfitters to anyone. I still correspond frequently with them and already look forward to the next hunt with Jeff and company.

Mike Adams-Central Manti Any Weapon Late Hunt Elk



I wanted to thank you for helping to make my Bull Elk Hunt a success. You made me feel very comfortable and Steve, my guide, tried everything in the books to make this hunt as successful as it was. I know that you also had some input into it and that both of you had been glassing and stalking bulls for many weeks prior to my arrival for the hunt.

On a scale of one to ten with ten being the highest, I would rate this hunt a ten. I realize that the special bow hunt didn’t help to make this hunt any easier but in the end, getting a nice trophy to bring home along with meat to fill the freezer for the upcoming year is the end goal.

The hunt itself was the best one that we have ever experienced. We have never before experienced such dedication to a hunt. The personal touch and caring to make sure that things were in place was exceptional. I am so glad that we decided to go with you. We would not hesitate one minute in booking another hunt with you and/or recommending you.

Thanks again for making this hunt one that I will never forget.

Diana Broeckel-Wasatch Mountains Any Weapon Elk

-Plateau Pronghorn



Just a short note to let you know how much Frank and I enjoyed hunting with you for Moose this past season. After waiting for years to draw this tag, I wanted to have the best opportunity possible for a Moose. As you know by now, Frank and I have hunted several states for Elk and Moose on our own and with few outfitters in the past. We enjoy the hunting aspect of our trips along with the harvesting of an animal. We don’t always choose to go with an outfitter as we enjoy our time alone away from work and also enjoy actually hunting the animal ourselves. But, I can truly say that our decision to go with you on this Moose hunt has afforded us with memories that will never be forgotten—and with new friendships. We were shown nothing but hospitality by you, Steve, and your families. We certainly felt like we were treated as individuals and not just another client.

Enough said about the good times we had meeting new friends. The hunt was even more memorable. You and Steve had certainly done your homework and find the Moose and having them named by the time I got there. Glassing and hunting for the Moose you had previously viewed and then allowing me to make the choice as to which animal I wanted to harvest rather than just asking me to quickly harvest an animal shows the types of guides you are. I could tell that the both of you truly enjoyed the hunt, the time spent outdoors, and the harvesting of the animal. I am quite proud of the Moose and it is in the process of being mounted to go on my wall. Thanks for being so variable—I know that Frank and I were maybe a little more demanding of doing things our way than most of your clients. Your ability to adjust to the needs of your clients will take you a long way in my opinion.

The country that you hunt is beautiful and your knowledge of the country and the animals in your areas let us know that you spend ample time in the woods to keep up with what’s going on there. Should either one of us be fortunate enough to draw another Utah tag, we will certainly be back in touch with you.

Take care and THANKS for a great hunt.

Judy Catrett-Wasatch Mountains Bull Moose



What an exciting hunt! Finally opening day came, and after a three hour pre-dawn horse ride, further hiking and a thirty minute white out, I killed the animal a that I had been waiting for.

What impressed me the most was the homework and the breadth of knowledge displayed by Steve and his partner Jeff. There is an enormous interplay between animals, history of the area, terrain, weather and even other hunters. There seemed to be an easy understanding and the ability to put them all together to reach the best outcome in an situation presented.

Thank you for a great experience and successful hunt. I would recommend Lazy Bar T Outfitters and their skills to anyone. You may forward any calls for recommendations on to me.

David Rosenthal-Central Mountains Manti-Early Elk



As you know, I had a difficult time deciding whether to hire a guide for my elk hunt. Having lived in Utah all my life and growing up hunting deer with my brothers and dad, the idea of hiring a guide was completely foreign to me. Also, having had some success with cow elk hunts, made the decision even more difficult.

However, after waiting 13 years for a limited entry bull elk made this a year that I wanted to make sure I did everything possible to get my bull. In scouting the area with my brother for a few weeks prior, it became apparent that this was going to take skills beyond anything I had. Finding your web site and you having a last minute cancellation started me thinking I should get a guide if I was to be assured of success. Even at that, I never made my mind up until a couple of days before the hunt and several conversations with you. Thank you for your patience in answering all my questions and concerns.

Not knowing what to expect on a guided hunt, I was very impressed with you and those that help you. My first day with Steve and Cole, though not successful, gave me incite that I was truly with professionals who knew what they were doing. Each day, though long and hard, moving from one area to another, using 4-wheelers, horses, or on foot, hearing animals, but unable to close in, confirmed that this was a difficult year, and I was grateful to be with people that would find a way to have success. After 4 days of hard hunting, on the morning of the 5th day, taking my first bull elk, a 6 X 7 at age 63 was the hunting thrill of a lifetime.

The hunting and outdoors skills that you and those that help you are excellent, but, beyond that, your people skills could be as good as there is and I feel like I've made some great friends.

Deciding to team up with you and your group was the best hunting decision I've ever made.

Thanks again,

Dan Johnson, Manti Central 2007

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